This is how I work

Treating the cause is more important than just easing the symptoms. However, prevention is the best way to ensure dental health.


Prevention is part of a healthy lifestyle and a form of self-care. I motivate my patients to see me every 6-12 months- this way we can make sure small problems do not turn into emergencies. Dental prevention is not only the smartest but also the most cost-effective way towards healthy teeth and beautiful smiles.


I treat my patients as conservatively as possible and help them adopt a healthier lifestyle. I recommend effective natural dental care products and inform about nutrition and other ways to stay healty. During my consultations I establish a personalized treatment plan adapted to their needs and leave time to discuss any questions.


I highly value a respectful relationship with my patients and the team I work with. This means managing my working time correctly so that I can see my patients at the time we set for the appointment. The atmosphere at my office is as relaxing and pleasant as possible, which further facilitates the relationship with my patients.


To make sure my patients are aware of their dental health and the treatments I provide, I communicate in a way that is clear and understandable for everyone. Each one of my patients understands the treatment that will be performed and why it is necessary.

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